Welcome to the eScience Regional Knowledge Centre!

The eScience Regional Knowledge Centre was founded under the Pázmány Péter program of the Agency for Research Fund Management and Research Exploitation charged against the Research and Technology Innovation Fund and based on the decision of the National Office for Research and Technology. The main goal of the Péter Pázmány Programme is to establish Regional Knowledge Centers (RKC) to exploit research and development results in close cooperation with the industrial sector. The aim of the programme is to establish professional and regional centers of excellence in cooperation with companies and other research organizations to manage innovative projects, focused on research and development at an international level. These research centers effectively cooperate with the industrial sector, stimulate the technological and economical development of the regions. The task of the supported Knowledge Centers is to transfer R&D results to marketable new products and technologies.

The eScience Centre came into existence to solve those scientific and technological questions that are posed by the more and more complex systems, networks  and the overwhelming data stream showing up in our days, and to develop a new technology that can help to manage and analyze systematically the above systems. Further aim is to involve small and medium-sized enterprises into the topics mentioned.